Hello, and welcome to the site! I am currently a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Kentucky, and my focus is on microeconomics and public policy. Specifically, my research looks at the implementation of public policy such as Red Flag Laws, Execution Moratoriums, and Zero Dollar Bail. I also enjoy teaching, having experience not only from WVU but also Fairmont State University where I earned my bachelor’s degree as well as my MBA. I received my PhD in Economics from West Virginia University in 2023.

I will be on the 2023-24 job market. If you are interested, you can find a copy of my CV here.

Job Market Paper: Are Red Flag Laws a green light to save lives?

My job market paper examines the impact of state wide Red Flag Laws on homicide rates and suicide rates using a difference-in-differences framework. Mass shootings have become a prominent topic of discussion in recent years, prompting policymakers in the United States to take action through state legislation aimed at reducing their occurrence. Red Flag Laws seek to implement gun control measures by allowing the removal of firearms from individuals who pose a danger to themselves or others. In this study, I examine the impact of Red Flag Laws on suicide rates and homicides, utilizing a two-way fixed effects difference-in-differences approach. The findings reveal that states with Red Flag Laws experience a decrease of just over 6% in suicide rates and 11% in homicide rates. These effects are primarily driven by states that permit both family members and law enforcement to petition a state court for the removal of firearms. You can download my paper here.